Our Services

As Expert consultants, we offer a broad range of services with a single objective: The optimum operation of your retail property.

We employ the highest profile calibers to ensure the optimum operation of your retail property:

Under Our Management
50000 M2
Qualified Cadres
Total Asset Value
0 Billion

Management Services


Facilities management, preparing operating regulations:

  • Location studies and its operational requirements.
  • Preparing the start and end plan, implementation plan, contingency plan.
  • Distribution of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Attracting qualified cadres for operations.
  • Starting the actual implementation of the operational work and addressing challenges directly.
  • Preparing operating guidelines.
  • Actual and direct supervision of all operational processes, which include (maintenance operations of all kinds, cleaning operations in all stages, security and safety operations).


2. Preparing and reviewing sales contracts for investors as well as lease contracts for operators :

  • Auditing the sales contract models proposed by the developer.
  • Restructuring and improving sales contracts to ensure (conformity with applicable laws and regulations, preserving developer and investor rights).
  • Restructuring and improving lease contracts to ensure (conformity with applicable laws and regulations, preserving investor and operator rights).


Implementation of marketing strategies :

Which includes studying the demographics of the location and the surrounding residential nature and determining the targeted activities and competitors.


Tenant Mix Planning, Lease and Usufruct Management :

Which includes studying the files of the proposed operators, managing the contractual relationship, and following up their operational processes.

Consulting Services


Investment Feasibility Studies :

This includes defining the objectives of the project and determining the best implementation mechanisms to achieve the desired investment objectives.


Review of architectural designs to provide the highest levels of operational quality once the construction phases are completed :

This includes defining the appropriate operating spaces for the activities to be attracted and determining the appropriate spaces for services as well as the common spaces, as well as defining the appropriate designs to include the best operational processes in a way that ensures the achievement of the desired goals for the developer, investor, operator, and visitor.


Project development :

Reviewing and restructuring the existing operating strategies to ensure the achievement of the desired objectives for all parties to the contractual relationship and to ensure the provision of the appropriate operating environment for operators and visitors.


Preparation of the operational budget :

Which includes studying the operational needs to achieve the desired goals and determining the human, logistical and financial needs required to achieve those goals.


Franchise management :

This includes the beginning of the analysis of the target group and the appropriate brand for that segment and extends to studying the files of the target brands and matching them with reality and ensuring the accuracy and validity of the data contained in the investment offers submitted by them.

Then we move on to the management stage of the negotiation process and managing the contractual relationship to reach the largest profitable return on investment in a manner that preserves the common interests of the franchisors and investors.


Marketing studies and research, which include :

  • Marketing research, including preparing a marketing research plan, collecting and analyzing data to provide the required recommendations to investors.
  • Market analysis, including competitor analysis, to determine strengths and weaknesses, and to identify the surrounding opportunities and risks.
  • Preparing marketing strategies by defining the target segments, defining the target, and defining the mental image.


GEO Marketing :

  • Location studies and analysis by counting demographic data
    (population – number of families – purchasing power – age segments).
  • Collecting and analyzing locative data (restaurants – ATMs – banks – pharmacies – hospitals – all the landmarks on the ground) to choose the most suitable location for the housing process.
  • Analyzing the service area according to the project activity.
  • Improving the quality of distribution and access through analysis of the main and secondary road networks.


  •  Investment feasibility studies.
  • Reviewing architectural designs to provide the highest levels of operational quality once the construction phases are completed.
  •  Project development.
  •  Preparing the operating budget.
  • Franchise management.
  • Marketing studies and research.


  • Facilities management and preparation of operating regulations.
  •  Preparing and reviewing sales contracts for investors as well as lease contracts for operators.
  •  Implementation of marketing strategies.
  •  Tenant mix planning, lease and usufruct management.